Over the years I have had many opportunities to travel, fortunately at other peoples' expense as I was usually shooting documentaries or television shows. Most of the time, however, I didn't take a still camera with me as there was always so much other equipment to cart around - video cameras, big tripods, lighting, grip gear and so on, and there was never any free time to just go explore. In the future it will only be a stills camera and lenses that accompany me on my travels.

In 1977 I spent some time in Germany while waiting to take up a job in Zambia. I took quite a few photographs while in Germany, but, because I had no darkroom available at the time, the rolls of film were developed but not printed. For one reason or another I didn't come across these negatives until almost 30 years later when I began the process of scanning my 35mm & 2¼ square shots as I made the transition to digital photography. Some of those early shots appear in this gallery (and others), but in many cases I can't remember where, or under what circumstances they were taken. I like them anyway.

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