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This year I’m taking part in the Spark Photography Festival, with a showing at the Ah! Arts and Heritage Centre Of Warkworth. Details are in the graphic above. The concept behind the exhibit is inspired by my interest in architectural photography:

Have you ever passed a building or architectural structure that caught your attention and wondered “what’s in there?”.

Since moving to Northumberland County in 2007 I have had this feeling many times. In a number of cases I have photographed the exteriors of buildings that caught my attention for their architectural detail  and shape, historical significance, period look, environmental setting, or just plain weirdness.

For this exhibit I have returned to some of the structures that have captured my interest, this time to take a ‘closer look’; to find out about their past, their present, their uses then and now, and, this time, to photograph their interiors – to reveal the “what’s in there”. After all, as the old saying goes, you can’t always judge a book by its cover.

Thanks to the Ontario Arts Council for a grant to defray some of the expenses of this gallery show.